We’re going to try something new this time. Bear with me. Haven’t written a poem in years, but I used to be pretty good at it, or so my teachers used to say.

It was a night like two nights before,
When no sleep was had.
Just thoughts and crocheting were stirring.
Plans were laid out, thought out
But not all in the end was what I did.

The alarm for 6 rang out,
I’d fallen asleep somehow.
Time was of the essence –
I had an uber to catch, to call
To the train station, I went.

The station was busy,
Crowds and groups all around.
Large platforms, inside and out and all trains running.
Hungry, I thought, Some tea, some food
but hot chocolate instead, I chose.

I sat, and waited like always,
And sat some more.
Pigeons and people all plotting.
Time moved on, 7am it was, 730 it was,
8am at last, to platform 5 I walked.

For two hours, Ireland went by
Full of green and castle ruins.
A table to myself, with nothing but typing to do.
I haven’t mentioned yet, haven’t said,
The destination was Cork, I led.

As Cork approached,
I gathered my things.
It was off to museums and wandering.
The public one, Jay said, Jay texted,
And onto a bus with the LEAP card, I swiped.

Through the town all I could see
Were shopping centers like home.
A cleaner city, a calmer town, even with crowds all around.
Drat, There’s my stop, there goes my stop,
Some pressed the button, and off I go.

I climbed off the bus,
And retraced some corners.
I glanced at my phone, some brief data usage needed.
Ahah, there’s the path, there’s the road,
Through the park, past the cricket game I went.

The museum stood out against the grass
As children played and ran across.
Up the steps and into the hall I followed all signs ahead.
Displays of antique weapons, antique maps
And even more stories of history, I read.

Out the back to the cafe I thought,
Oh no – too many families around.
Behind me, my two favorite dogs sat together.
Together, the pug, the basset hound,
But this never happens, and a photo, I took.

Through the gardens again,
Around the old buildings and old people.
Attempted some wifi, but no successful connection occurred.
Where now, to blarney, not to blarney,
And not to blarney, I decided.

Wandering the streets I found
Large groups of students, like sheep.
I stopped and waited, at the endless sheep crossing.
Down another corner, another road,
Avoiding them I tried again.

Up hills and down,
Across streets and over bridges.
Pausing for a photo, snapping, I got to thinking.
Seriously, I hate it when he’s right, always right,
Cork instead of Dublin, I thought.

Coming upon a shopping center,
Finally some Irish music?
Nope, instead the beach boys were playing.
It’s Ireland, not America, not California,
Where’s the Irish?? I asked.

Through some construction,
A random alley appeared.
The sign above read “This way to English Market”.
Along with people, Let’s go, Let’ see
satisfying my curiousity, I did.

Such a busy market,
The smell of meat overpowered.
Short hallways, I wandered, past more shops,  And stands.

A sign for tea, a sign for food,
Well up some stairs, I started.


A few turns later

And a tight squeeze on the blacony.
I sat and typed some more for the folks at home.
A few sips here, and few clicks here,
Typing away, and ignoring all, I sat.

Almost two hours went by,
I barely noticed the time.
The fun yet busy balcony cafe kept me content for too long.
Time to move on, time to go,
It’s getting too crowded, I left.

As the late afternoon approached,
I felt tired and ready to go.
Around some alley ways, I found myself climbing.
A few more bridges, a few more churches,
Then the train station by accident, I found.

Walking up to the counter,
“How about an earlier train?” I asked.
The woman, saw my ticket just barely glancing.
A quick second of “That’s fine, That’s okay.” She said,
“Oh great, thanks a ton!” I replied.

And onto the train, I hurried,
But is it the right train?
I sat there, waiting longer and looking for a sign.
Oh whew, no worries, no problem –
My lucky guess it was – I win again.

Another two hours ride,
And another chapter written.
I saw and watched the passengers moving around.
Some young, very young girls sat near me,
But this time they weren’t so bad, I realized.

Finally it was Dublin at last,
And to the outside buses I went.
Thinking the stop would be College Green, once more.
The mile away, not so far away,
Maneuvering between crowds, I did.

Down past St Stephens,
And Around near harcourt.
Crossing the streets, and ignoring the walk signs.
Past R2D2, Past the bleeding horse,
And up to the slight green door, I came.

Into the apartment,
Off came the shoes.
A quick pause wondering if the Ants had returned.
Up the stairs, slow up the upstairs,
And the sound of buzzing, I heard.

The mass of ants had grown
Much larger than before.
Down the stairs, grabbing my phone, to text the host.
There are ten queens, there are dozens more,
Ants all covered the bathroom, I wrote.

I closed the bathroom door
And stayed downstairs for the night.
Eating, and reading until the early morning hours.
Not tired again, not sleeping again,
Thinking about the last day, I planned.

Here’s the end
Of the day of Cork.
Just eight hours of trains, walking and writing.
There’s no more to tell, there’s no more to say,
Of the simple, short travel, I did take.